Tech Consultants? Do you want a field-experienced Technical Team or a sales person with a business card claiming"expert"?

Tech Consultants are a dime a dozen. Technology Consulting takes field-experience to Qualify Stakeholders, Engineer it Right, and Project Manage contractors. Let our tech consultants represent your best interests.

About SaberShark

Start to Finish?

How can you avoid change orders, poor project management, and disasters? Use SaberShark Start to Finish on all technology projects.


Technology Consulting

Asking the right questions? Providing better answers. Isn't that what consulting is all about? SaberShark Technical Consulting provides only experts in their field. Our consulting isn't theory, it is provided by those who have implemented technology and services on complex projects from airports, government, commercial, and small business.

Consulting Process

Design & Engineering

Can you build a house without a blueprint? Yes, but will it be the house you want? The same goes for security, parking revenue, or a network. Having the Technical Engineering & Design work confirms the output before the input. SaberShark understands that unknowns and variables exist in every project, but providing a solid foundation minimizes obstacles.

Technical Design

Project Management

A good project manager is like the pilot of a commercial jet. The great pilots keep their clients informed, and when something goes wrong, you want the best pilot in control. That is what SaberShark provides. Technical Project Managers using the best practices from the Project Management Institute and the best practices of the industry.

Project Management

Technical Customer Service Consulting

Technical customer service is a tricky balance. You need the brightest personnel to get those technical jobs performed, but let's be frank. Your technicians are often introverts that resist any type of customer interaction, upselling, or even a smile. SaberShark can help. We train technicians, managers, and employees how to properly represent a technical customer service department. We demonstrate that being a "trial lawyer" to customer's requirements is not the appropriate approach.

Technical Keynote Speaker

Training and Event Speaking

SaberShark consultants provide a wide array of topics for technology driven events including trade shows, seminars, and corporate meetings. Our speakers and trainers are highly qualified in the field the represent with a personal mission statement to "Provide accurate knowledge to every student." Visit our Speaking and Training page for the topics we currently provide.

Just some of thousands of industries we serve

Airport Technology Consultant

Airports - Mission Critical

SaberShark Tech Consultants brings value and expertise to Mission Critical systems. Our Consultants have worked with some of the largest airports in the world. We have provided airport technology consulting, design, and project management to large complex jobs.
Technology Engineer

Architects & Contractors

Need an expert to help you land a project or to design technology into a current project? SaberShark can provide the necessary resources to make you the hero to your customer. We will qualify stakeholders for you, attend project meeting, engineer the solution, and create a unified team approach for all your projects. We will always represent your best interest as your Tech Consultant.
Government Technology Consultant

Government & Campus

We work with Federal, State, and Local government entities. Our tech consultants have worked with small town municipalities, city colleges, large universities, and large metropolitan governments. SaberShark provides RFP writing, design, vendor management, and project management. SaberShark will create a successful project from start to end.
small business technology consultant

Commercial and Small Business

SaberShark provides value engineering and knowledge for large commercial and small businesses. We have worked with manufactures, retail, and dozen of other businesses over the course of the past twenty years providing high-level technology consulting.