Parking Technology.

“We’re not architects or sales guys.
We are Engineers and Techs who know Parking Technology, down to every wire, better than anyone else. “


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Parking Consulting

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Parking Consultants come a wide variety of fields. Some are experts on how to restripe your lot, some can tell you how much revenue traffic you can expect if you lower your rates another 10 cents.

SaberShark Tech specializes in consulting on Parking Equipment Technology. We are not sales guys who are pushing a product. We provid complete engineering and design services including project management and installation management.

Asking the right questions? Providing better answers. Isn't that what consulting is all about? SaberShark Technical Parking Consulting provides only experts in their field. Our consulting isn't theory, it is provided by those who have implemented technology and services on complex projects from airports, government, commercial, and small business.
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Parking Consultants

Parking Consulting
Contact: Jeff Terrozas, Principal